branded slave

     Slaves must be branded


Matriculating a slave in an obvious and recognizable manner is a good habit, as prior to adopting a new slave, Masters search for previous ownership signs in order to ascertain the slave's abilities, as knowledgeable Masters leave on their slave's body indelible signs of their capabilities in the form of star tattoos or numbers.

Most knowledgeable Masters also tattoo clearly their name or their monogram together with the slave ranking inside both their slave's buttocks, as it is known that every potential Owner split them in the very few first minutes to check the shape of the anus and feel its resistance with his thumb. And what a pleasure to discover that another known Master has already forced the entrance. 


On the other hand, matriculating a slave permits Owners of more  than one slave to promptly recognize and summon the requested slave while allowing slaves to recognize each others, as they are only allowed to address each other by their matriculation and never by their name.

Branding is a sign of property. A non branded slave will never feel belonging to her Master and might have tendencies to seek another Master who will readily affix His signs on her body, making her feel what she is, just another slave. slaves are proud of their inferior status and wear the signs of their dignity with pride. Branded slaves perform better, obey quicker and make additional efforts to please their Master.

Masters, before using a slave, always split her buttocks, raise her arms, make her bend her head, reveal her ears and show the plant of her feet: this are some of the locations where Masters indicate their property and sometimes tattoo stars according to the slave's pleasure capabilities.


reminder: slaves are made to obey, serve and please. Proper training, with the right dose of private and public humiliations are essential to the slave's well being.

A properly trained slave, or a slave that previously was the property of a renown Master will give hours of pleasure. Masters, check your potential slave's inner buttocks to determine her previous owner.