General Slave's Terms

the art of sensual submissiveness


These are some of the Terms you will encounter in your slave's life. I do not use most of them, as each Master has his own defintions and own terms. You are not compelled to study them. I am publishing them for your information and general education as you might one day meet a Master who will interrogate you using one of these Terms. And should you be able to impress him, he might accept you as his sub.

As I dot use most of them, these Terms will not be reviewed during your Training, unless special agreement is made. You can find My Terms in clicking here. These you must know. Should some of the Terms in these pages are commonly used by Myself or other experienced Masters (or Mistresses), they will be printed in green.

ed by different names becuase of where they originate from on Gor or what type of slave they are. There are many more types of slaves but, for The Hall, here is the full list. I will expect you to study these as each day in training we will have trivia to see how much you have learned since the previous session.


General Terms

  • bond-maid: used to qualify a slave dressed as a maid and serving bondaged and plugged with a long feather duster sticking out of her arse. Her arms are tied behind her back in order to allow her to manipulate the feather duster. Bond-maids are severely punished if they break or drop an object while dusting.

  • kajira: a female slave

  • first-girl: slave appointed by her Master to oversee other slaves, usually younger or less experienced. She rules when her Master is not present, but is still subject to her Master's total authority. First Girl is often called Mistress by the other slaves. She may also have switching rights (as discipline and punishment) over other slaves.

  • house-slave: a slave which primary duties are inside the residence. Duties range from personal serving slaves to kettle and mat slaves. Pleasure slaves are very rarely house-slaves.


Fetish Terms


Fetish: noun. Excessive or irrational devotion to some activity, a sexual interest in an object or a part of the body which someone is interested in to an extreme degree of worship with excessive devotion.


Algolagnia: Another word for sadomasochism (SM). Algolagnia is when pain is transformed into sexual pleasure.

Alternative sexuality:  A sexual orientation with a few variations that differ from vaginal intercourse when a monogamous heterosexual relationship has been established.

Alternative lifestyle:  Sexual preference that is very different from the "norm," making it necessary and/or desirable. If the alternative sexuality is less common than the norm it will push the individual to reach an accepted subculture.

Animal play: When one or both partners pretend to be an animal (Ex: dog, horse) in a role play.

BDSM: In the beginning it was called Sadomasochism (SM, S/M or S&M.) People involved in sadomasochism were described as bad, sick and pervert. Since some people did not want to be called or described that way, terms like Dominance and Submission (D&S, DS or D/S), Love Bondage and Bondage and Discipline (B&D) were invented to be different from sadomasochists. In the 90's during the Internet revolution all kinky people were establishing arguments to label their kinks. After months of arguments the term BDSM was born. Most of the kinky people were happy after the term was issued. BDSM combines Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS) and Sadomasochism (SM.)

Bondage: When restraints are placed on the body in any practice to avoid any type of movement.

Bondage and Discipline: Also known as B&D, it involves several sexual practices like bondage, slave training, corporal punishment and dominant/submissive role play.

Caning: The use of a cane on a bottom.

Cat or cat o' nine tails: Originally it was a whip used by the British Navy. Actually it is referred to all whips which are multi-thronged.

Code word(s)- Word or words that are used in personal ads to unnoticed sexual proclivities mostly unacceptable in society. Ex: French or Greek culture, clean, discipline, strict, leather, etc.

Consensual: An agreement made by parties for certain type of behavior or activities. When the consent is informed and there is a reasonable knowledge of possible risks is called true consent.

Discipline: The other part of Bondage (B&D) that could also mean punishment or a structured training of a submissive.

Dominance, Dominance and submission, D/s, D&s: Used for erotic enhancement, one partner uses consensual empowerment for the other partner. In SM, dominance and submission are the psychological and emotional underpinnings.

Dominant, Dom, Domme, Domina, Dominatrix:  The person that in a consensual exchange of power is in charge. If the person is a male is called Dominant or Dom; if is a female is called a Domme, Domina or Dominatrix.

Electro-torture: The use of electrical stimulation for a desired physical sensation.

Enema: An instrument or injecting fluid into the anus to flush the lower intestines. In SM scenes enemas are used for humiliation, for preparation for other activities (fisting or anal sex) and/or for pleasure.

Erotic restraint: When movement is restricted for erotic play. It is also referred to the devices used.

Fetish: Sexual fixation on an activity, object or part of the body!!!

Foot fetish, foot worship:  sexual obsession toward feet or shoes.

Gear: Any equipment used for scene purposes

Golden shower: Urinating on or in another person.

Humiliation:  Part of the erotic control to embarrass or to humble someone by teasing them about their sexual desires. In SM humiliation, ironically, can build a person's self-esteem by reinforcing their sexuality.

Infantilism: Infant-like behavior in role play by wearing diapers, nursing, etc.

Latex: Material used to make fetish items like clothing.

Leather, Leather sex, Leather lifestyle: A synonym for SM used in fetish fashion and gear.

Limit:  In SM are the boundaries set by the dominant and the submissive for what to will or refuse. Limits must be respected and applied to roles, levels of dominance and submission, time and also activities like whipping and paddling.

Masochism, masochist: The enjoyment of pain, humiliation or being dominated.

Master: When the man takes control in the SM role play.

Mistress: When the woman takes control in the SM role play.

Novice: A person with lack of experience in SM, but willing to learn.

"O" fantasy: Code word for SM or a fictional piece by Pauline Reage, "Histoire d'O".

OTK (over the knee): Code word or classic spanking position.

Pervert: A person that deviates from the sexual norm.

Play:  Taking part of a SM scene or scene activity.

Pony training: Transformation of a boy or girl into a pony to be ridden, to pull a carriage or transformation into a well-trained horse in obedience.

PVC (Poly-vinyl-chloride): Plastic used for fetish clothing or pipes used for bondage devices.

Sadism, sadist: Sexual pleasure that results from pain, humiliation and/or domination. The sadist delivers pain or humiliation to the people desiring it by respecting their limits and by being caring and careful.

Safe, sane and consensual: In the SM community are characteristics of acceptable play. During activities, players take safety precautions or they do not participate in practice that could injure mentally or physically their partners. Before the activities they consent by negotiating.

Scene: The SM or fetish community or a SM session or occurrence during play.

Slave: A submissive that is involved in a slave/Master fantasy.

Slave training: The instruction of a submissive in a Dominant's preference . The submissive's behavior is conditioned.

SM (sadomasochism): Sexual practices in an advanced level where pain, humiliation and power exchange are being used. SM has also dominance and submission, bondage and discipline, love bondage and erotic spanking.

Spanking: Striking or paddling a submissive in their butts.

Switch: When a person trades places in a SM role or physical play. Ex: Top or bottom, Dom or sub. It is also a tree or bush branch used for corporal punishment.

Torture: Painful actions used to enhance sexual pleasure.

Training: Discipline used by the Dom to control the sub's behavior, condition and/or attitude. Pony training, anal training, position training, voice command response, etc. can be used for training.

TS (Transsexual): A person that mismatches his/her personal psychology. They go for counseling, hormone treatments and surgery. Before surgery a transsexual is referred as a "pre-op" TS and after surgery is a "post-op" TS.

Vinyl: Material used for fetish fashions.

Water sports: Sexual play using urine or enemas.

Whip: Object that can be also a cane, crop, paddle or slapper, or a single or multiple-lash whips to beat a submissive.

Worship: To lavish attention to a body part (Ex: feet) Also, a role playing attitude toward a Dominant.

X-frame: A bondage frame in the shape of an "X" in a horizontal position.




Sexual Terminology Humour Terms

01. Pubic hair is a wild rabbit in the Outback.
02. "Spread Eagle" is an extinct bird.
03. A menstrual cycle has three wheels.
04. The G-string is part of a violin.
05. Anus is the Latin word for yearly.
06. Testicles are found on an octopus.
07. Foetus is a character in "Gunsmoke".
08. An umbilical cord is part of a parachute.
09. A diaphragm is a drawing in geometry.
10. A lesbian is a person from the Middle East.
11. Sodomy is a special kind of fast growing grass.
12. Genitals are people of non-Jewish origins.
13. Douche is the Italian word for twelve.
14. An enema is someone who is not your friend.
15. Scrotum is a small moon orbiting Uranus.
16. Climax is a weather balloon.
17. Condom is a small apartment complex.
18. Menopause is a button on the VHS remote control

Anally - occurring yearly
Artery - study of paintings
Bacteria - back door of cafeteria
Caesarian section - district in Rome
Cat scan - searching for kitty
Cauterize - made eye contact with her
Colic - sheepdog
Coma - a punctuation mark
Congenital - friendly
Dilate - to live long
Enema - not a friend
Fester - quicker
Fibula - a small lie
Impotent - distinguished, well known
Intense pain - torture in a teepee
Labour pain - getting hurt at work
Medical staff - doctor's cane
Morbid - higher offer
Nitrate - cheaper than day rate
Outpatient - person who has fainted
Pathology - a rambler's association
Post operative - letter carrier
Protein - favouring young people
Radiologist - Dr Fox on Capital FM
Rectum - damn near killed 'em
Recovery room - place to do upholstery
Secretion - hiding anything
Serology - study of knighthood
Terminal illness - sickness at airport
Tumour - an extra pair
Urine - opposite of you're out
Varicose - located nearby

01. A clitoris is a type of flower.
02. A pubic hair is a wild rabbit.
03. "Spread-eagle" is an extinct bird.
04. Vagina is a medical term used to describe heart trouble.
05. A menstrual cycle has three (3) wheels.
06. A g-string is part of a violin.
07. Semen is another word for "sailors."
08. Anus is the Latin word for "yearly."
09. Testicles are found on an octopus.
10. Asphalt describes rectal troubles.
11. KOTEX is a radio station in Bryan, Texas.
12. Masturbate is used to catch large fish.
13. Coitus is a musical instrument.
14. Fetus is a character on "Gunsmoke."
15. An umbilical cord is part of a parachute.
16. A condom is an apartment complex.
17. An orgasm is the person who accompanies the choir in church.
18. A diaphragm is a drawing in geometry.
19. A dildo is a variety of sweet pickles.
20. An erection is when Japanese vote for their new government officials.
21. A lesbian is a person from the Middle East.
22. Sodomy is a special kind of fast-growing grass.
23. Pornography is the business of making record albums.
24. Genitals are people of non-Jewish origins.
25. Douche is the Italian word for "twelve."
26. An enema is someone who is not your friend.
27. Ovaries are a French egg dish made with cheese.
28. Scrotum is a small planet near Uranus.
29. A vulva is an automobile from Sweden.
30. A Fallopian Tube is a part of a television set.
31. Fellatio refers to an Italian dagger.
32. Cunnilingus refers to someone who can speak foreign languages.
33. Phallus was a city on the Nile.
34. VD is an American holiday celebrated on November 11.
35. Herpes was a Greek god.
36. A homosexual is a technician who purifies milk.
37. The ben-wa ball is held every year in Tokyo on June 1.



Slang Terms (Euphemisms)

anal intercourse: mudslide, back door, Greek way (coitus in ano)

 monkey-finger: vaginal or anal digital penetration

ream: (1) forceful intercourse or rape, usually referencing anal rather than vaginal or oral, (2) to take strong advantage of or to hurt someone

take it in the ass: (1) receive anal intercourse, (2) to be taken advantage of

dogging: engaging in sex in a car or other observable location while others watch

doggystyle: copulation position with male entering from behind, with female (coitus a tergo or coitus posteriori) or receiving male (coitus in ano) on hands and knees

rimming: oral-anal interaction (analingus)

anus: ass/asshole, jaxy, poopchute, pooper, popo, hershey highway, bunghole, bumhole, butthole, garbage dump, dumper, dump truck, male cunt, puckered hole

bisexuality: AC-DC, switch-hit, two-way, both ways or both kinds, swing, either way group sex: orgy, daisy chain, circle jerk, gang bang, group swinging, group grope, rampant party, panties-party (lesbian group), Willie-wacking party (male group)

breasts: bosom, boobs/boobie, bust, bud, ‘cones/silicones or bolt-ons or built-ons (i.e., in reference to surgically augmented breasts), duke or dukes, headlights, hooters, chest, jugs, knobs, knockers, melons, tatas, tit or tittie (particularly referring to the nipple & areola), udders, yabos, nips, pointers or points, wonders (in reference to using a padded/pushup bra — from brandname Wonder Bra), mams Rawhide bra = any push-up bra (from Rawhide television theme: "head ‘em up, move ‘em out")

condom: jocky johnnie, glove, protection, rubber, safety, sheik, trojan, raincoat, party hat, French letter or French safes

circumcised penis: bald or baldie (because the glan is exposed when an uncircumcised penis becomes erect, thus "bald" can refer to an erection as well)

clitoris: clit, button or love button, chovis, dealybob, man in the boat, tongue candy (as object of cunnilingus), where the action is, female dick or little dick

lallies = legs, particularly attractive legs labia: lips, pussy lips, lady lips, pantie-lips, cunt-lips, honey lips vaginal secretions: quim, lubri-cunt, honey, hot honey or golden honey, pussy dew or cunt dew, wet, being wet, wet & wild, lovin’-juice, cunt juice, sluice labia minora and vestibule/vagina: clam, shell, gash, slit, slot or love-slot, the pink, crack, cleft, pussy, hole, chovis

copulation: shag, fuck, drill, screw, bang, bonk, ball, servicing, lovin’, humping, pumping, diddling, spooning, tupping, sleep with, make whoopie, make love, make it, do it, go at it, get it on, get laid, get some, get the little man wet, get the dick wet, wet the Willie, put the weiner in the bun, make a meat sandwich, dip the stick, party or party-on-down, makin’ bacon (implies overweight status of one or both partners), to dick-dip or dick diving, boffing, roll in the hay, mattress polo, coffee table or pool table lumbago, fusion & fission, slamming (refers primarily to an act of physical performance without love/heart involvement), getting in/into the pink or getting the pink, performing the wifely duty, poking or pickle-poking, get oil changed

score:= to obtain sexual favors or intercourse

frig: to obtain orgasm or engage in copulation

twang plums: to arouse or stimulate a male, usually including ejaculation

cranking: (1) copulating or (2) using amphetamines

put out: providing obligatory sexual activity

ex-sex or a rerun roll: copulation with an ex-spouse; there are three basic types:

  •  last-hurrah, which is ending with a bang so to speak

  •  bad-idea, which proves most unpleasant, and demonstrates once and for    all the marriage is over

  • out-of-loneliness-and-weakness sex, which is usually motivated by desperation and usually has the effect of reinforcing the depression
    sympathy-fuck aka mercy-fuck = sexual activity initiated or motivated by pity rather than by arousal, love, or financial gain (e.g., a wife gives sex only because husband looks sad, or a prostitute doesn’t charge for sex due to feeling sorry for client)

to be had: (1) to be taken advantage of, or (2)to be the recipient of copulation, usually the unwilling recipient piece or piece of

ass: (1) an event of copulation or (2) a sexually desirable person

boob-fucking: stimulation of penis between pressed-together breasts (coitus inter mammae)

Dominant: the person who directs the scene and issues the commands

Bottom: term references (1) female or homosexual male who most prefers to receive sexual intercourse (usually in a submissive and passive way), and/or (2) the passive participant who experiences stimuli during sadomasochistic sex games (also termed the submissive or the masochist). Henkin & Holiday definition is: "umbrella term for the person in the scene who takes the submissive, receptive or masochistic role"

Dungeon: a room designed and decorated specifically for SM play. Also known as "play room" (Henkin & Holiday)

Endorphins: A group of endogenous, morphine-like hormones secreted by the brain when the body is under unusual stress, which fit into the brain's option receptors and stimulate them to fire, producing tranquilizing and pain-killing properties that appear to help induce a sort of euphoria; some people report feeling a state of well-being similar to endorphin euphoria after experiencing intense sensations such as those associated with prolonged flogging. (Henkin & Holiday)

Fetishism: eroticization of objects, behaviors, and/or body parts

Fisting: insertion of hand or large part of hand into rectal, vaginal or oral cavity

Golden Showers (GS): playing with urine for erotic purposes

Handkerchief codes: color codes use to identify sexual play preferences

Heavy Play: sophisticated or advanced activities or techniques used for psychological or physical stimulation that require special training for safety reasons, (e.g. breath control, cutting, temporary and/or permanent piercing, branding, burning, electro play). Also, play that is very intense physically and/or psychologically, as very intense pain, or very intense surrender. (Henkin & Holiday)

Humiliation: deliberate ego reduction for consensual erotic purposes, ranging from mild embarrassment to degradation; may be physical and /or psychological. (Henkin & Holiday)

Immobilization: rendering a bottom helpless by completely restricting movement

Infantilism: eroticization of being treated (or treating someone else) as a baby or toddler.

Leathers: peek-a-boo leather clothing often worn during B & D activities

Limits: boundaries of consent as negotiated between partners, including activities in which one person does not wish to participate. (Henkin & Holiday)

Medical: scenes, examinations, procedures, and/or equipment, such as uniforms, enemas, rectal thermometer, catheters, sounds. (Henkin & Holiday)

Mistress: feminine title of respect accorded one who dominates a consenting partner

Mummification: bondage effected by encasing a person in material, so that he is tightly restrained and looks like a mummy.

NT: nipple torture, or intense stimulation of the nipples

Negotiation: conferring and discussing to reach an agreement about what will happen in an SM scene regarding likes, dislikes, limits, health issues, roles, etc.

Restraints: cuffs, usually made of leather, that close around wrists and ankles and also, sometimes, around thighs, waist, etc

Safe Word: word or gesture previously agreed upon for use by both Tops and bottoms to halt the action in a scene or a relationship.

Scat or shit: feces

Sensory Depravation: using blindfolds, gags, ear plugs, hoods, bondage, etc. to reduce information available to one or more senses. (Henkin & Holiday)

Service: doing for another; the bottom for the Top, as an expression of obedience, respect, submission, devotion, love, etc.

Slave: person who is consensually owned as property of another

Submission: volitional giving up of control and power: decision that one is not in charge. (Henkin & Holiday)

Submissive: person who gives up power and control in a scene

Suspension: a form of bondage in which a person is partly or fully raised off the ground.

Switch: (1) person who enjoys playing either/both the bottom-masochist role or the top-sadist role, (2) a bisexual person, (3) a small whip used in B&D activities

Top: term references (1) female or male who prefers to dominate or control the act of copulation (usually in the thrusting role), and/or (2) the participant who controls stimuli during sadomasochistic sex games (also termed sadist or Dominatrix [females only, and usually for hire])

Toy: equipment used in a SM scene. aka, tool, gear, equipment

Worship: adoring and/or loving a person, a person's body or body part, or a thing in a reverential manner - such as boots. (Henkin & Holiday)


erect penis: ICBM or missile, stiffie or stiff, bone/boner, horn, shaft, knob, having "hot rocks," hard on, hot and bothered, pole, baldie or bald dick (uncircumcised)

ejaculated semen: spunk, cum/come, cream, pudding, juice, dingle berry juice, love juice, load, jism, jis/jazz, sauce, cum-snot, oyster , slime, man milk, squirt

female homosexual: nellie, pervert, fruit, auntie, sister, lesbian, lezzie or lez, jockey, butch, dyke

Lipstick lesbians: lesbians who usually wear fashionable clothes and make-up; often considered "ultra-feminine," often referred to as "femmes"

Until Graduation: adolescent lesbianism, usually nonpolitical, motivated most often by either:
• testing/rebellion/experimentation (adolescent differentiation process); or
• seeking a safe way of investigating sexuality ("trying out her carnal wings in a
familiar nest"); i.e., a reaction of avoiding the typically demanding male sexuality (i.e., until male peers mature into a more co-equal sexuality. Described by GQ as "the time when boys finally learn not to ram their tongues into tomorrow")

Lumberjack lesbians: stereotypical strong/sturdy/buff, preferring to wear traditionally male clothing (flannel/wool shirts, hiking boots, etc.), short cropped
hair and no make-up. Often quite politically active.

Lesbian Separatists: lesbians who actively campaign against men, feeling they
are warriors in a "battle of the sexes." Reacting to male domination and oppression, they seek an all-female society which avoids and ignores men altogether; indeed, some live in female Separatist communes. And some prefer to not be involved in interactive sexual activity at all

Lavender lesbians: Earth-mothers or hippies; often artists; usually espousing holistic medicine, herbal cures, health foods and/or witchcraft; often refer to deity as goddess and participate in paganistic rituals. Preferring the natural state, they object to such practices as shaving armpits or legs. (Georgia O’Keefe is considered to be a favorite artist.)

Hollywood lesbians: originally just Lily Tomlin, but led by the boisterous spokeswoman Sandra Bernhardt and the ‘70s film "Personal Best", lesbianism become quite romanticized in Hollywood. It was no coincidence that "Personal Best" star Muriel Hemingway, though not a lesbian, was the same actress who gave the first prime-time television kiss (on an episode of Roseanne, where else)

Music lesbians: The organization "Strong Women in Music" (SWIM) is not just big stars but includes non-famous members as well. When prominent Music lesbian Melissa Etheridge announced her girlfriend was pregnant, Entertainment Weekly (6 September 1996, p. 8) quipped "that will put an end to the rumor that she’s impotent"

Gertrude Stein lesbians: intellectual lesbians (usually middle-aged or older) who tend to gravitate toward the Arts, serving on civic and university Performing Arts committees, etc... They usually have a perfect blend of ready wit, political outrage and excellent schooling. "They tend to rule in whatever field they enter."

Jock lesbians: (aka "Jockettes," a derisive term) are women who win at sports, whether lesbian or not. Favorites include Billy Jean King and Martina Navratilova;
other female-sports sex symbols (circa 1999): Ila Borders, baseball; Mia Hamm, soccer; Martina Hingis, tennis; Marion Jones, track; Nikki McCray, basketball; Anna Kournikova, tennis

Leather lesbians: lesbians who are into D&S and fetishes; many are Dominatrixes

Boston marriage: (1) a term formerly describing single women living together; nowadays more often refers to (2) a romantic yet asexual long-term lesbian relationship.

heterosexual: straight, conventional, square, vanilla

hymen: cherry, maidenhead, virginity, the proof, the test

male homosexual: fairy, faggot or fag, gay, queer, nellie, swish, homo, pervert, fruit, invert, pansy, princess, queen, sister, flit, nance, auntie, sodomist, granny, disco- dancer, limp wrist, Oscar Wilde reader, Streisand-ticket-holder, Buftie

male receiving (fellacio): hummer, blow job, suck cock, eat a sausage or a hot dog, take to lunch, a hot dog lunch or a sausage lunch, a sticky sweet facial (references ejaculate on face), a swallow sandwich, lipstick on the dipstick

Faggot Fair: (pejorative) gay pride parade/celebration/demonstration/gathering

menstruation: Aunt Sally or Aunt Martha, visit Aunt Sally/Martha, the bleed or the blood, coming around again, cramps, curse, period, monkey-on-my-back, rag or on the rag, that time, time of the month, sickness, not well, the way of women, birthday party, grandma is visiting or visiting grandma, on the pad wagon, tampax

oral-genital interaction: mouth or mouth job, head or give head, suck, go down, blow, take to lunch, recreational eating, lappin’ & lickin’

oral-genital interaction, female receiving (cunnilingus): muff diving, cunt-lapping or cunt-licking, facing pink, eating pink, pink lunch,in the pink, flying a twat, eat out, eat/dine/dinner at the Y or the Y diner or the cafeteria, licking her lips, munch my carpet, magic carpet ride, frenching, gammahoucher (outdated term) Sixty-Nine (Soixante-Neuf) "69" or the numbers game: simultaneous oral-genital interaction between two people oral-genital interaction,

orgasm (either gender): come, get there, get off, fire off, copping off, score, reach it, make it, finish, climax, peak, large it, peak ejaculation/emission: shoot or shoot his wad, squirt, cream or whipped cream, blastoff, explode, make pudding

particularly large penis: whopper, long-dong, Moby Dick, jumbo elephant, size XXL

penis: Willie, Jimmy, Dick, Peter, John or john-john, banana, cock, dong/schlong, ding-dong, ding-a-ling, drill, dip stick, hose, joy stick, gun, hose, meat, pecker, prick, pud, rod, snorkel, stonker, todger/dodger, tool, unit, wang, wong, weiner, wee wee, Mr. Happy, wanker, Little Louie, Louie-Louie, spout, outdoor plumbing, pony, lumberjack, pickle, cyclops

scrotum: sack, bag (note however that "hose bag" refers to vagina), scrotes

sexually attractive man: babe, beefcake, bod, dude, gigolo, heartbreaker, honcho, honey, hunk, John-John, jumbo (from "Jumbo" the elephant; references large penis), lover, lunch, my guy or my man, rider, rump, roller, snatch, symbolic (from "sex symbol"), starter, stud or stud-muffin, sweetie, tush

sexually attractive woman: babe, baby, bird, bod, chick, date, fox, kitten, mama or big mama, nookie, nymph, panty or panties, piece, skirt, snatch, sweetie, heartbreaker,lover, tush, willie wacker, fly buster, Betty, Mantovani, bimbette, hole, lubrication,kickin’ or hotchin’

syphilis: bad blood, siph, pox, ‘lues (derived from pustules)

crabs: (1) pubic lice, or (2) VD/STD in general

testicles: plums, rocks, stones, dingle berries, balls, nuts, jewels or crown jewels or family jewels, potatoes (as in "meat and potatoes" referring to penis and testicles), cojones (Spanish), peaches, oysters

time menstrual discharge: siff, ziff, the bloody, kotex juice

peaches: (1) vulva, (2) breasts, or (3) testicles

cleft: (1) area between labia majora, (2) cleavage between breasts, (3) cleavage
between male or female buttocks

crack: (1) vagina or (2) buttock cleavage (or, of course, (3) rock cocaine)

snatch: (1) vulva/vagina, (2) copulation or sexual interaction in general, (3) a
sexually attractive man or woman

curvies: female secondary sex characteristics, particularly referencing the rounded outlines of waist, breasts, and buttocks

fanny: female anus and/or buttocks

knickers or knicks: panties (British) crotchless knicks, crotchless panties: underwear with cutouts exposing the genitalia

peek-a-boo bra: bra with cutouts exposing the nipples and areola playing slits & clits or licks & slits: lesbian or multiple female sexual interaction

lickety-split: (1) quick sexual episode culminating in orgasm, (2) cunnilingus, (3) lesbian sexual interaction

peach fuzz: pubic hair buttocks and/or including anus: ass, behind, hind end, hinder or hiney, bottom, bum, buns, butt, can bippies, cheeks, fanny (female), keister, popo, rear or rear end, rump, seat or seater or sitters, tush or tushie, mooner, booty, back door

uncircumcised penis: shrouded, capped dick, sheathed, cloaked or using a cloaking device, heathen dick or gentile dick

VD/STDs in general: clasp, dose, old Joe, whites, morning dew, a strain, wages (from "wages of sin") gonorrhea: clap, dose, drip

vulva: down there, beaver, crotch, Y-view, the Y, YMCA, lady-lips, money-maker, yoni, pussy, bush or bushland, tush, concha

pussy: collective name for all female genitalia, more especially vagina

concha: Spanish. Collective name for female external genitalia, especially labia minora and vagina (which at times somewhat resemble a shell/concha)

bush: vulva or vagina, particularly references pubic hair

tush: vulva, more particularly including buttocks and/or anus

Y-front, YMCA, or the Y: female frontal nudity; resembles shape of the letter Y

tail: (1) vulva, (2) male or female buttocks/anus, or (3) copulation vulva, particularly unshaved: hair or fur pie, furry fanny, bearded clam, fuzzy beaver vulva, more particularly labia and vagina: box or ball-box, baby-hole or hole, cunt or cunny, honey pot, hose bag, minge, muff, nookie or nuckie, poon tang, pudenda (from pudendum; note, however, that "pud" usually refers to penis), snatch, taco, tuna or tuna-fish or fishie, twat, gash, the pink, pussy, concha female mons pubis: mons, the hump, mound or pussy mound, forest, bushland


Odd words

B&D: Bondage and Discipline, a type of sadomasochistic sexual interaction

BDSM: A single collection of overlapping initials intended to identify three components of erotic power play: BD, DS, and SM at once.

Betty Dodson: to masturbate while being observed and/or encouraged (in reference to the famous therapist who conducts group self-stimulation seminars).

BS Brown Showers: using feces (scat) in an erotic context.

C&B or CBT: cock and ball torture; intense stimulation of the male genitals more often associated with pain, bondage, endurance, etc.

Caning: Use of a cane, a flexible rod. Very intense and leaves more pronounced marks.

Chester or bugger: child molester

clergy:[derogatory] persons considered to have sexual hang-ups

Collar: band of leather, metal, cloth encircling the neck. Signifies a bottom role

Consensual: based on mutual agreement; not coerced; one of the three cornerstones of social SM play: Safe, Sane & Consensual

C P: Corporal Punishment, a type of B&D/sadomasochistic sexual interaction

Cross-dressing: wearing clothing typical of the opposite sex, often clandestinely

D&S: Dominance and submission, terms which are preferred to use to reference sadomasochistic sexual interaction

Date: an event of prostitution, as in: "Hey sailor, looking for a date?"

Drag: wearing clothing and make-up typical of the opposite sex, so as to appear to actually be of the opposite sex

Dibble: a close brush with the authorities/police

Dominance: controlling and directing the scene

horny: sexually aroused

kickin’: wonderful, great

kinky: mode of sexual activity which is considered to be either/or (1) very arousing and desirable, or (2) unusual and abnormal. A very idiosyncratically-defined term.

large it: to have a good time, enjoy one’s self, experience orgasm

mental: bizarre, kinky, or out of control (previously meaning undesirable, but increasingly refers to desirability)

moon or to "shoot the moon": expose the buttocks

nasty: sexual desire or behavior, most often indiscriminate

naughty: sexual behavior or desire

nish: nothing/none/no more

peds: feet and toes, as sexual objects

pervies: male and female persons interested in indiscriminate sexuality

plumpers: sexually desirable obese persons

punters: [derogatory] persons who observe a stripper, dancer or pornographic movie (and masturbate while observing, or later)

rampant: indiscriminate near-uncontrolled sexual behavior

randy or raunchy: strong sexual desire/arousal and indiscriminate sexual behavior

Renton: very short hair style (after protagonist Renton’s haircut in the movie)

rude: sexual desire or behavior which is demanding, inconsiderate and/or indiscriminate

S&M: Sadistic and Masochistic sexual stimulation (sadomasochism)

shitter or crapper: (1) anus or (2) toilet

slut: person who seeks for and/or participates in indiscriminate sexual behavior, but usually not in reference to being for hire

snuffing: sex play which results in death; e.g., a snuff scene involves someone being killed while involved in [painful or violent] sexual activities

sorted: arrangements have been completed

stuffing: inserting objects into vagina or anus

suck face or smackin’ or mackin’: deep kissing, French kissing, tongue kissing foreplay: necking, petting, make out, scoring, operating, play around or fool around, dry humping, playing "doctor," get serious, get down to business, get hot or hot & bothered, warm up, pre-game show, taxi for take-off

T&A: "Tits and Ass" usually in reference to displays of the female body (e.g., strippers or dancers); often references objectified female sexuality in general

tart: person interested in indiscriminate sexual interaction, often for hire ‘ho (whore) or puta = prostitute

tea room: a restroom used for hustling and fellatio

Trainspotting: same actor and similar hair style popularized in Star Wars. Considered sexy

trollop: person interested in indiscriminate sexual interaction

TS or ts or T-person: transsexual; the more current terminology is Transgendered.

TV or tv: transvestite

vada: to look at or closely examine

vanilla: (1) conventional sexual relations, (2) any sexual interaction that does not include sadomasochistic/D&S sexual play





Unusual Sexual Terms


ACHLUOPHILIA: Love of darkness
ACOMOCLITIC: Preference for hairless genitals
ACOUSTICOPHILIA: Arousal from sounds
ACROPHILIA: Arousal from heights or high altitudes
ACROTOMOPHILIA: Arousal from amputees
ACTIRASTY: To become aroused from exposure to sun's rays
ACYESIS: Female sterility
ADAMITISM: Going naked for God
ADOLESCENTILISM: Cross-dressing or playing the role of an adolescent
AELUROPHILIA: Deriving gratification from cats
AGALMATOPHILIA: Attractions to statues or mannequins
AGAMIC: Asexual; parthenogenic
AGENOBIOSIS: Married couple who consent to live together without sex
AGONOPHILIA: Person who is aroused by a partner pretending to struggle
AGORAPHILIA: Arousal from open spaces or having sex in public places
AGREXOPHILIA: Arousal from others knowing you are having sex
AISCHROLATREIA: Worship of filth, smut; obscenity cult
ALBUTOPHILIA: Arousal from water
ALGOLAGNIA: Sexual satisfaction resulting from giving or receiving pain;
ALIPHINEUR: Person using lotion to arouse a partner
ALLOERASTY: Use of nudity of another person to arouse a partner
ALLOPELLIA: Having orgasm from watching others engaging in sex
ALLOTRIORASTY: Arousal from partners of other nations or races
ALPHAMEGAMIA: Attraction to partners of another age group
ALTOCALCIPHILIA: High heel fetish
ALVINOLAGNIA: Stomach fetish
AMATRIPSIS: Masturbation by rubbing labia together
AMAUROPHILIA: Preference for a blind or blindfolded sex partner
AMAXOPHILIA: Attraction to riding in cars and motor vehicles
AMBISEXTROUS: Pertaining to a bisexual person
AMELOTASIS: Attraction to absence of limb
AMOKOSCISIA: Sexual frenzy with desire to slash or mutilate women
AMOMAXIA: Sex in a parked car
AMPHIEROTISM: Capacity of erotic reaction toward either sex
AMPHIGENTIC INVERT: sexual activity with persons of both genders
AMULIEROSIS: Result of sexual privacy
AMYCHESIS: Act of scratching partner during sexual passion
AMYCHOPHILIA: Deriving sexual pleasure from being scratched
ANACLITISM: Arousal from items used as infant
ANALINCTUS: Licking the anus
ANALINGUS: Rimming or penetration of anus with tongue
ANASTEEMAPHILIA: Attraction to a person because of a difference in height
ANAXIPHILIA: In love with a loser by someone who should know better
ANDROGYNY: Having both male and female characteristics
ANDROIDISM: Arousal from robots with human features
ANDROMANIA: Nymphomania
ANDROMINETOPHILIA: Arousal from female partner who dresses like male
ANDROSODOMY: Anal sex with a male partner
ANILILAGNIA: Sexual desire for older women
ANISONOGAMIST: Attraction to either older or younger partners
ANOMEATIA: Anal sex with a female partner
ANOPHELORASTIA: Arousal from defiling or ravaging a partner
ANOPHILEMIA: Kissing anus
ANORAPTUS: Rapist who only attacks elderly women
ANTHOLAGNIA: Arousal from smelling flowers
ANTHROPOPHAGOLAGNIA: Rape with cannibalism
ANTHROPOPHAGY: Pleasure derived from the ingestion of human flesh
ANTIPUDIC: Covering one’s genitals
APELLOUS: Circumcision
APHEPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from being touched
APHILOPHRENIA: A feeling that one is unloved or unwanted
APISTIA: Adultery
APODYSOPHILIA: Feverish desire to undress
APOTEMNOPHILIA: Person who has sexual fantasies about losing a limb
ARPAGEE: A raped woman
ASCETICISM: Religious self-denial often including celibacy
ASPHYXIAPHILIA: Arousal from lack of oxygen
ASTHENOLAGNIA: Arousal from weakness or being humiliated
ASTYPHIA: Impotence
ASYNODIA: Celibacy particularly due to impotence
AUTOEROTIC ASPHYXIA: Oxygen deprivation with risk of dying
AUTOGYNEPHILIA: Arousal from crossdressing
AUTOMASOCHISM: Inflicting intense sensations of pain on one's body
AUTONEPIOPHILIA: Sexual attraction from being treated like an infant
AUTOPEDERASTY: The insertion of one's own penis into their anus
AVERING: A boy’s begging in the nude to arouse sympathy
AVISODOMY: Breaking the neck of a bird while penetrating it for sex
AXILLISM: The use of the armpit for sex


BALLOCK: Testicle
BATHYCOLPIAN: Possessing a large bosom
BELONEPHILIA: Arousal from pins or needles
BIASTOPHILIA: Pleasure from forcible rape of a terrified stranger
BLISSOM: To copulate with an ewe
BROMIDROPHILIA: Arousal from bodily smells


CALLIPYGIAN: Having shapely buttocks
CANOPHILIA: Turned on by dogs
CATAGELOPHILIA: Love of being ridiculed
CATAMENIA: Menstruation
: A boy used in homosexual relations
CHASMOPHILIA: Attraction to nooks, crannies, crevices, and chasms
CHEIMAPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from cold or winter
CHREMATISTOPHILIA: Arousal from being charged for sex or robbed
CHRYSOPHILIA: Arousal from gold or golden objects
CLAUSTROPHILIA: Love of being confined in small places
COMMASCULATION: Homosexuality between men
CONCUPISCENCE: Excessive sexual desire
CONTRECTATION: The love play preceding sexual intercourse
CONVERTITE: A reformed prostitute
COPROLOGY: The study of pornography
COPROPHEMIA: Obscene language
COPROPHILIA: A fancier of feces
CRATOLAGNIA: Arousal from strength
CRUROPHILIA: Sexual arousal from legs
CYPRIAN: Lecherous
CYPRIDOPHOBIA: Fear of getting venereal disease
CYPRIPAREUNIA: Sexual intercourse with a prostitute


DACRYPHILIA: Arousal from seeing tears in the eyes of a partner
DASYPYGAL: Having hairy buttocks
DEOSCULATE: To kiss affectionately
DEPUSCELATE: To lose one’s virginity
DIGENESIS: Alternately sexual and asexual reproduction
DIGENOUS: Bisexual
DIOESTRUM: The time when a female animal is not in heat
DORAPHILIA: Love of animal skins
DOWCET: A deer’s testicle
DYSTYCHIPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from accidents


ECDYSIAST: A stripper
EDEA: The external genitals
ELUMBATED: Weak in the loins
EMETOPHILIA: Arousal from vomit or vomiting
EMMENOLOGY: The study of menstruation
ENCEINTE: Pregnant
ENCRATY: Abstinence
EONISM: Transvestitism
EPICENE: Pertaining to both sexes
EPIGAMIC: Tending to attract the opposite sex during mating season
EPISTEMOPHILIA: Abnormal preoccupation with acquiring knowledge
EREMOPHILIA: Maniacal desire to be left alone
ERGOPHILIA: Love of work and labor
EROTOPHOBIA: Fear of sexual love
EROTOPHONPHILIA: Sexual satisfaction from murdering complete strangers
ERYTHROPHILIA: Becoming aroused by blushing
EUNUCHATE: To make a eunuch
EVIRATION: Emasculation, castration


FAM: To grope a woman
FEMORAL COITUS: Penis-thigh sex
FISSIPARISM: Reproduction by fissioning
FORMICOPHILIA: Enjoyment of the use of insects for sexual purposes
FROTTEUR: A person aroused by brushing up against clothed people in public


GAMIC: Sexual
GAMOPHOBIA: Fear of marriage
GENICON: A sexual partner imagined by one dissatisfied with her actual partner
GENOPHOBIA: Fear of sex
GERONOSEXUALITY: An attraction where to object of desire 30 years older
GERONTOPHILIA: Arousal from an older partner
GRAPHOLAGNIA: Maniacal interest in obscene pictures
GRIVOISERIE: Lewd and lascivious behavior
GUNZEL: A passive, orally oriented, male homosexual
GYMNOPHOBIA: Fear of nudity
GYNANDER: A female pseudo-hermaphrodite
GYNANDRY: Hermaphroditism
GYNOPHOBIA: Fear of women
GYNOTIKOLOBOMASSOPHILIA: Sexual pleasure by nibbling on a woman’s earlobe


HAMARTOPHILIA: Love of committing sinful acts
HAPTEPHILIA: Arousal by being touched
HARPAXOPHILIA: Getting pleasure by robbery or being robbed
HEBETIC: Happening at puberty
HEDONOPHOBIA: Fear of pleasure
HEMATOLAGNIA: Sexual stimulation from blood
HEMIPENIS: One of the paired sex organs of many reptiles
HETAERISM: Extramarital sex; communal marriage
HYPNOPHILIA: Turned on by the thought of sleeping


ICOLAGNIA: Arousal from contact with sculptures or pictures.
INFANTILISM: Attraction to childhood items
IPSISM: Masturbation
ISOPHILIC: Relating to same gender affection sans sex
ITHYPHALLIC: Pertaining to the phallus carried in Bacchanalian festivals; lewd


JOCKER: A male homosexual


KAINOTOPHILIA: Getting pleasure from change
KAKORRHAPHIOPHILIA: Arousal from failure
KALOPSIA: Condition where things appear more beautiful than they really are
KERAUNOPHILIA: Turned on by thunder and lightning
KINESOPHILIA: Arousal from movement and exercise
KLISMAPHILIA: Sexual pleasure from enemas
KNISSOPHILIA: Attraction to incense-burning
KOPOPHILIA: Arousal from physical or mental exhaustion


LAGNOSIS: Satyriasis
LALIOPHILIA: Arousal from public speaking
LALOCHEZIA: Talking dirty to relieve tension
LEMAN: A mistress or lover
LIGYROPHILIA: Turned on by loud noises
LILAPSOPHILIA: Arousal from tornadoes
LOBCOCK: A large, relaxed penis
LITHOPHILIA: Attraction to stones, gravel, or mud
LOVERTINE: Addicted to love-making
LUPANARIAN: Lubricious, lascivious, lewd
LYGOPHILIA: Love of darkness
LYSSOPHILIA: Sexual arousal from becoming angry or upset


MACHLAENOMANIA: Masochism in women
MACROMASTIC: Pertaining to large breasts
MACROPHILIA: Attraction to giants or giant creatures
MAIESIOPHILIA: Arousal from childbirth or pregnant women
MAMMILLATED: Having nipples
MANIAPHILIA: Attraction to insane people
MASTIGOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from punishment or being whipped
MATUTOLAGNIA: Antemerdian sexual desire
MAZOPHILIA: Compulsion for breasts
MECHANOPHILIA: Turned on by machines
MEGALOPHILIA: Arousal from large objects (not necessarily fat)
MENACME: The menstruating part of a woman’s life
MENOPHANIA: The onset of menstruation; false menstruation
MENTULATE: Possessing a large penis; well-hung
MERKIN: A pubic hair wig
METOPOPHILIA: Turned on by a person’s face
METROPHILIA: Arousal from poetry
MISAPODYSIS: Hatred of undressing in front of someone
MISEROTIA: Aversion to sex
MOLYSMOPHILIA: Attraction to dirt, filth, or contamination
MONOECIOUS: Hermaphroditic
MONORCHID: Having one testicle
MULIEBRITY: Assumption of female characteristics by a male
MULTIGRAVIDA: A woman who has been pregnant more than once
MYSOPHILIA: Love of dirt or becoming dirty


NARRATOPHILIA: Arousal from erotic conversations
NASOPHILIA: Arousal from the touch, licking, or sucking of a partner's nose.
NEANILAGNIA: A yen for nymphets
NEBULOPHILIA: Arousal from fog
NECROPHILIA: Sexual gratification only by having sex with the dead
NEMOPHILIA: Love of forests
NEOPHILIA: Arousal from anything new
NOSOPHILIA: Love of becoming ill
NOTHOSONOMIA: Calling someone a bastard
NOVERCAMANIA: Sexual attraction to one’s stepmother
NYCTOPHILIA: Love of night
NYMPHOLEPSY: Trance incurred by erotic daydreams


OBSOLAGNIUM: Waning sexual desire due to age
OCHLOPHILIA: Attraction to crowds
OCNOPHILE: Someone chronically dependent on their lover
OCULOLINCTUS: The act of licking a partner's eyeball
ODYNOPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from pain; masochism
OIKOPHILIA: Attraction to one’s home
OLFACTOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from smells
OMBROPHILIA: Turned on by rain or being rained upon
ONANISM: Masturbation
OPHELIMITY: The ability to please sexually
OPHIDIOPHILIA: Arousal from snakes
ORNITHOPHILIA: Love of birds
OSMOLAGNIA: Arousal caused by bodily odors, such as sweat or menses
OSPHRESIOPHILIA: An inordinate love of smells


PANTOPHILIA: Arousal from just about everything imaginable
PAPHIAN: Erotic; pertaining to illicit love
PAPILLA: A nipple
PARACOITA: A female sexual partner
PARACOITUS: A male sexual partner
PAREUNIA: Sexual intercourse
PARTHENOLATRY: Virgin worship
PARTHENOPHILIA: Attraction only to virgins
PECCATOPHILIA: Arousal from sinning or having committed imaginary crime
PEDIOPHILIA: Attraction to dolls
PEDOPHILIA: Attraction to younger partners
PENIAPHILIA: Erotic fascination with poverty
PENTHERAPHILIA: Sexual attraction to one’s mother-in-law
PEODEIKTOPHILIA: Sexual arousal from exhibitionism
PEOTOMY: Surgical amputation of the penis
PESSARY: A vaginal suppository
PHALLATION: Movement of the penis in sexual intercourse
PHILOPHOBIA: Fear of falling in love or of being loved
PHILOPORNIST: A lover of prostitutes
PHRONEMOPHILIA: Turned on by the act of thinking
PHTHIRIOPHILIA: Attraction to lice
PICTOPHILIA: Arousal only from looking at erotic pictures
PIZZLE: A whip made of an animal’s penis
PLACOPHILIA: Arousal from tombstones
PLANISTETHIC: Flat-chested
PLUVIOPHILIA: Sexual stimulation from rain or being rained upon
PNIGOPHILIA: Aroused from people choking
POINEPHILIA: Turned on by punishment; masochism
PONOPHILIA: Attraction to overwork
PORNERASTIC: Licentious, lewd, and horny
PORNOCRACY: A government by prostitutes
PORNOLAGNIA: Desire for prostitutes
POTAMOPHILIA: Arousal from streams and rivers
PREMENACMIUM: Life before menstruation begins
PRESBYTOREAN: An erotic poem
PRIAPISM: Persistent and painful erection, usually the result of a disease
PRONOVALENCE: Ability to have sexual intercourse in a prone position only
PSELLISMOPHILIA: Becoming aroused by stuttering
PTERIDOMANIA: An intense desire for ferns
PTERONOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from being tickled by feathers
PUCELAGE: Virginity
PUNQUETTO: A prostitute
PUTANISM: Prostitution
PYGMALIIONISM: Falling in love with one’s creation (a la "My Fair Lady")
PYGOPHILIA: Aroused from buttocks
PYROLAGNIA: Sexual stimulation from watching fires


QUADOSHKA: American Indian form of tantric sex
QUEENING: Sitting on the side of a person's face as a form of bondage
QUIM: The vagina


RAMMISH: Lustful and horny
RANTALLION: One whose scrotum is longer than his penis
RENIFLEUR: One who gets sexual pleasure from body smells
RÉTIFISM: Foot and shoe fetishism, including using the shoe for masturbation
RETROCOPULATION: Fornicating from behind ("Doggie position")
RHABDOPHILIA: Finding pleasure in being severely criticized
RHYTIPHILIA: Arousal from facial wrinkles
RUTTISH: Horny; in heat


SAPPHISM: Lesbianism
SCELEROPHILIA: Attraction to bad guys or unsavory characters
SCOTOPHILIA: Turned on by darkness
SEPTOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to decaying matter
SIDERODROMOPHILIA: Arousal from riding in trains
SITOPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from eating
SOCERAPHILIA: Excitement from one’s parents-in-law
SOPHOPHILIA: Sexual gratification from learning
SOROPHILIA: Attraction to one’s sister
SPECTROPHILIA: Arousal from looking at oneself in a mirror
SPINTRY: A male whore
STASIVALENCE: Ability to have sexual intercourse only while standing
STAUROPHILIA: Arousal from the cross or crucifix
STHENOLAGNIA: Arousal from displaying strength or muscles
STYGIOPHILIA: Deriving pleasure from thoughts of hell
SUCCUBUS: A female demon who seduces men in their sleep
SUPINOVALENT: Able to fornicate only while lying on the back
SYMPHOROPHILIA: Arousal by accidents or catastrophes
SYNGENESOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to one’s relatives


TAPHEPHILIA: Arousal from being buried alive
TAPHOPHILIA: Love of funerals
TELEOPHILIA: Affinity for religious ceremonies
TERATOPHILIA: Arousal from deformed or monstrous people
THALASSOPHILIA: Love of the sea
THASSOPHILIA: Attraction to sitting
THREPTEROPHILIA: A fondness for female nurses
THYGATRILAGNIA: A father’s sexual love for his daughter
TOCOPHILIA: Fondness for pregnancy and childbirth
TONITROPHILIA: Love of thunder
TOXIPHILIA: Attraction to poisons
TOXOPHILIA: Love of archery
TRAGALISM: Lust; lechery; obscenity
TRANSFEMINATE: To change from woman to man
TRAUMATOPHILIA: An unconscious desire to be injured
TRIBADISM: Mutual genital-fondling between lesbians
TRICHOPATHOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to hair


UNDINISM: The association of water with erotic thoughts
URANISM: Homosexuality
URANOPHILIA: Sexual arousal by heavenly thoughts
UROLAGNIA: Sexual pleasure from urinating
URTICATION: The use of nettles to create extra sensation
UXORAVALENT: Only able to attain sex extramaritally (applied to men)
UXOROVALENT: Able to score only with one’s wife


VACCINOPHILIA: Turned on by becoming vaccinated
VAMPIRISM: Consuming blood of a partner for arousal
VICARPHILIA: Arousal from other people's exciting experiences
VINCILAGNIA: Arousal from bondage
VIRAGINITY: Masculinity in a woman
VIRGIN: You really need to ask?
VIRIMIMISM: Adoption of masculinity
VIRIPOTENT: Sexually mature
VITRICOPHILIA: Sexual attraction to one’s stepfather
W WETHER: A castrated ram
WHELP: To bear offspring
WITTOL: A husband who tolerates his wife’s infidelity


XENODYNAMIC: Person who is only potent with strangers
XENOPHILIA: An attraction to foreign customs, traditions, and foreigners
XERONISUS: Inability to reach orgasm
XYLOPHILIA: Turned on by wooden objects


YELD: Not old enough to procreate
YLOPHILIA: Affinity for forests
YONI WORSHIP: Worship of the female genitals


ZELOPHILIA: Sexual arousal from jealousy
ZOOERASTIA: Sexual intercourse with an animal
ZOOPHILIA: One who is attracted to animals in a sexual, or emotional sense
ZWISCHENSTUFE: Arousal from a person of the same sex



D's and BDSM Terms

Brat: a submissive style that frequently tests a Dom's boundaries, rules and limits.


(a) A style of D/s where all parties submit to Al and Tipper Gore

(b) A style of D/s based on an entertaining and imaginative, but woefully pedantic and redundant series of books by John Norman.


(a) Horny Net Geek.

(b) Revenue source for AOL.

(c) See also: SNERT.

Humpasaurs: General pains and muscle discomfort brought on by poorly executed sexual activity.


(a) Internet acronym for "In My Opinion."

(b) Sour cream substitute

Mentoring: Mentoring is often confused with training - primarily by sleazy Doms claiming to be mentors. An all-too-often occurrence is that the sleazy-Dom uses the "mentoring" relationship to gain trust, and then exploits the trust by trying to tryst. This gives mentoring a bad name.

While both mentoring and training involve the transfer of knowledge, there are several differences.

First, training almost always involves direct physical contact, often of an erotic nature.

Mentoring may never require physical contact, and is not done for erotic gratification. The non-erotic nature of mentoring is the key difference between mentoring and training.

Mentoring allows singles to explore without the pressure of actually "doing", and allows people in relationships to explore issues with someone other than their partner.

Mentoring presupposes a long-term relationship. There is no such thing as a twenty-minute mentor. Training can be for a single "scene", or even a phone or cyber hot chat. A mentor makes a commitment to be "there" for questions, answers, issues and long discussions over months or years.

Finally, because mentoring does not require a physical, intimate relationship, it can take place regardless of whether the participants are male, female, top, bottom, Dom, sub, or het, gay, or hermaphrodites.


What happens to subbies when they behave badly.

The term punishment is often used to describe recreational spankings, floggings, etc. I use it to mean negative stimulus (or stimuli) the submissive must endure as a consequence of her behavior.

(Note that I only punish misbehaviors, not "bad thoughts" or "bad feelings". When an inexperienced Master punishes for "thoughts and feelings", he is forcing his sub to be emotionally dishonest with him. Though "mind control" can be a tempting fantasy, it is not a suitable basis for a D/s relationship).

A good punishment acts as a deterrent while instructing and motivating. Therefore, recreational spankings can hardly be considered punishment. Many subs enjoy a good spanking, and a masochistic sub can enjoy floggings, whippings, and more. However, the same amount of physical sensation can be applied with different attitudes and techniques by experienced Masters to change a delightful erotic experience into something that even the masochistic the submissive does not like at all.

SAM: A popular acronym for a "Smart Assed Masochist". Refers to subs who enjoy spankings just a wee bit more than they enjoy serving. Similar to a Brat in that the style frequently pushes the Dom's boundaries, rules and limits.But the diffedrence is in that the purpose of the pushing is intentional to get a well deserved session of corporal attention (typically a spanking).

Slave: A device you screw on the bed to get your housework done.


(a) Snot Nosed Egotistical Rude Teen.

(b) Sadomasochistic Nerd and Enemy of Real Timers

(c) Sub Normal Education Requires Training

See also: HNG.

Submissive Scale:

(a) A measure of "how submissive" someone is.

(b) Something on which you weigh your submissive. If you don't have a regular scale handy, other kinds of scales can be used. One example is the "food scale": what she eats to determines her size/desireability:

Carrots and lettuce: she's too thin.
Steak and potatos: she's just right.
Hay and peanuts: she's too fat.

Sub Space:

(a) What a submissive gets when she decides she's had enough and move out into her own apartment.

(b) A very special feeling some subs achieve. Some believe that sub space is a form of "endorphin high" that comes from extensive, well performed BDSM play, as a result of the physical stimuli (pain/pleasure) the submissive has received. Others view it as a feeling of extreme connection between the sub and her Dom.

(c) A medium used to transmit radio waves through the galactic voids on old science fiction TV shows and movies.


(a) A convenient excuse for thwapping someone.

(b) A way for an otherwise unsuccessful Dominant to get laid (as in "Yeah, baby, I'm gonna teach ya, oh yeah, yer gonna learn, uh-huh, yeah, this is training, yeah, you'll be really trained now, just lay back and enjoy it, yeah, just tell me how you like it, darlin', that's the way it's comin' at ya, oh yeah, you'll be trained now... ooh yeah....")

(c) In My context: Teaching or instruction in the how to's of D/s, BD, or S/M. Materials covered and time frame are agreed on in advance. More than simply "demonstrating" technique, a "trainee" should be gaining insight and understanding regarding the practical and emotional issues surrounding the topic at hand.




NOTICE: I may change, modify, cancel, add, any or all rules at any time. Any modification will apply immediately.