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As a pet, you will find yourself most of the time in position all four or cow. However, you will also find yourself in a biped posture, namely when taken out, for household chore, for serving, for a sexual use or for your use as an object. In this case you have to circulate on your two legs, whether barefoot or with shoes, should you be authorized to wear any.

In a biped situation, and whatever the circumstance, the location, in private or in public, alone or in front of witnesses, you will always and only circulate on the tip of your toes, with the formal prohibition of placing the sole of your foot or your heels on the floor. This rule suffers no exception, unless you receive a direct counter order from your Master of course! this is why you have to master the technique on walking on high heels.


Barefoot, the tensed and stretched muscles of your legs will lift, harden and tone up your buttocks that you will keep firmly tight, namely when being plugged with the tail introduced in your anus, whatever its size, its thickness, its length, or its inconvenience. Masters in general enjoy firm slave bodies.


However, some circumstances will impose on a slave to wear shoes, namely when taken out in society. Even with shoes on, a slave is still compelled to circulate on the tip of her toes. In order to comply with this permanent obligation, the slave will only wear shoes, boots or thigh boots with extremely high heels, very often with exaggerated high and wide soles or very slim stiletto heels, according to whatever pleases her Master at that time. Note that without any instruction as to which shoes to wear, a slave will automatically select the highest stiletto heels in her wardrobe, even though she is not yet proficient to walk with them.  


This obligation to walk on very high heels is based on a number of criteria. First, because this is My will and My pleasure, and because I enjoy looking at the slim and high silhouette these heels give to the slave's body.

Then, because it is part of the conditions Masters impose to their slaves in order to shape their bodies to their liking, forcing them to circulate on the tip of their toes whether barefoot or wearing shoes. And of course, because walking on stiletto heels is not very easy, as it imposes a permanent constraint on the slave that reminds her to never forget her slave condition, while paying a constant attention not to fall.

The third reason is that stiletto heels contribute very efficiently on molding the slave's body, the curves of their calves, and contribute to elongate their thigh and curve their back to allow for a better standing and a nicer shape of the buttocks.

And last, as high heels are not very appropriate with the life of an active carrier woman, they become perfect for a slave.

For a correct and perfect molding of your legs as requested by your Master, your thigh, your calves and your feet should be properly aligned when walking  in order to give the impression of never-ending long legs.


The mere fact of enduring high heels all day long, forced to circulate on the tip of your toes in tight shoes will definitely be very constraining on your back and on your legs. In order to get into the habit, you should therefore accomplish long walks on a daily basis perched on exaggeratedly high heels in order to train your slave's body to this ordeal, and learn how to keep your balance on all kind of grounds, at the speed and at the pace I will impose with My crop, and on whether your legs are free from fetters or restrained by a chain or ropes that will limit your capacity to spread your legs apart beyond the limits it will please Me to impose.



In the following pages, you will find interesting additional info  on your choice of shoes, the height of acceptable heels, the shoe sizes you will have to select either when buying or when ordered to wear, and other information that will teach you how to keep your balance while perched on exaggeratedly high stiletto boots.

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