Comment... se comporter: l'etiquette de l'esclave

How To... behave: slave's etiquette

Bréviaire du savoir-vivre de l'esclave

Breviary of the the slave's manners

            cinquième partie 

         part five

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at the beach or at the swimming pool


Beaches and public swimming pools are practically the only places where owners can exhibit their slaves to the public without attracting too much attention, while testing them, checking their obedience level, and judging the results of their training.

you will therefore be taken on a regular basis to different public beaches and public swimming pools where you will have to demonstrate your know-how in front of an audience.

you will also be taken to very strictly private beaches or swimming pools where Masters and Mistresses from different part of the world will gather to present and exhibit their old and new properties and discuss among friends of the different training techniques they have either improved or developed.

Apart from the annual miss esclave election and the discreet slave's market event held twice a year, these swimming pools and beaches are a notorious male and female slave exchange* location, where slaves of both sexes are sold*, lent*, borrowed*, transferred*, tested, tried, evaluated and of course submitted to particularly humiliating public exhibitions of their bodies for Masters and Mistresses to evaluate and judge of their ability to move sensually among a sometimes hostile crowd, resist temptations, pick up opportunities, and overcome the inevitable sarcasms of overexcited bathers. These locations are also perfect to test the success or failure of slave's training, to evaluate the level of obedience reached as slaves are forced and compelled to exhibit themselves and successfully compete against other slaves in order to honour their Master and demonstrate to other Masters and Mistresses the efficient result of their training.


slaves must show great enthusiasm at the idea to be exhibited, tested, sometimes humiliated, often mistreated by unknown but confirmed Masters and Mistresses, having by their dignity the right to use them as they wish in order to establish a comparison between their performance and their slave's performance.


In stations where Masters and Mistresses gather, the slaves will have the tattoos inside the cheeks of their buttocks systematically checked, as well as the elasticity of their anus which must be lubricated at all times.

* I have to specify here that as I voluntarily deprived Myself of the right to sell or transfer My slaves, they should not be afraid of being forced to permanently adapt to another Master as they will be returning with Me.


slave's etiquette in wet stations


rules in private

rules in public


Prior to accessing a swimming pool or leaving for a swimming station you will beg your Master to let you have his orders on how you are to dress for the event and sizes of the swimming suites he wants you to wear.

you will make sure that no unwanted hair whatsoever remains in all designated areas of your body, namely between your legs, on your lower lips, around your anus and under your arms, and that your body is fully  in conformity with the hygienic rules of the etiquette. Should you have your periods, you ought to inform your Master.

In a private environment, you are fully naked, as your Master prefers a well tanned slave, roasted by the sun, without any cloth marks. When you lie on your belly to take the sun, you use your two hands to split your buttocks in order to have the sun tan their interior.

Whenever you need to recuperate a hand to massage your Master's sex as the etiquette imposes on you when your Master  gets close, you place between your buttocks a piece of wood to keep the cheeks split.

Whenever you reach a public beach or public swimming pool, you MUST ask the receptionist with a loud voice if "the bather is authorized to stay naked". If it is permitted by the station, and even if no other bather is naked, you will have to refrain from wearing a swimming suite.

In case only topless bathing suits are permitted, you will only wear the bottom of your bikini, leaving your boobs free and uncovered. you will make sure however to massage them or have them massaged with tanning oil to avoid burn marks that will complicate their use.


general rules: always

rules in private

rules in public

In addition to the various swimming suits you have been ordered to take, you will always have with you a one piece swimming suite that should cover a large part of your body just in case the swimming session turns to be a family gathering.

Every time you are lying on your back, you use your two hands to split open your vagina lips in order to have the sun tan the inside. When your Master gets close to you, you leave a hand to massage his sex as per the etiquette.

In all cases, and if wearing a swimming suite reveals to be compulsory, it will definitely be of the smallest possible tolerated size in the public station, and it should mould closely your triangle and shapes your lower lips.


general rules: always

rules in private

rules in public

It is definitely and permanently your responsibility to prepare and carry your Master's swimming suits and tanning oils. you will also never forget to pack a few gods, a few plugs and some whips and crops, just for the case your Master  suddenly and unexpectedly expresses the desire to make use of them on your body.

your Master will regularly inspect your anus and your vagina to make sure of their readiness in spite of the heat and the sun. you will keep close to your hands a lubricating jelly, and whenever he carries on his check, you will ease his entrance by relaxing your muscles, namely your anus.

In a hotel swimming pool, you will always be topless, and will remain topless, even when ordered to move over to the bar carrying back some drinks. Unless you are wearing a string, you will pull your swimming suite between your buttocks, and circulate, on the tip of your toes, without catching any eye.


general rules: always

rules in private

rules in public

Whenever you are lying down, and before getting up, you will adopt for a few seconds the all four position in order for your Master to check that you are complying to the etiquette, then you get up. This gesture must be observed and complied with, whether you are in private or in public location, naked, in swimming suite or even dressed.

Whenever you are lying down at some distance from your Master you will first beg for permission to flip over in order to tan the other side of your body. Before modifying your position, you get up complying with the all four posture for a few seconds, then you move over to your Master to massage his sex.

Should your Master exceptionally orders you to wear the top of your bikini before sending you to the bar exhibiting you to the public, you will erect your nipples in a manner where they will point under the material that should be humid and wet. Then you will move towards the bar on the tip of your toes to accomplish his instructions.


In private, your Master might be penetrating or sodomizing one of his girl friends or another slave. In such a situation, instead of massaging his sex, you will massage delicately his balls in the palm of your hand. If he is being sucked, you join the session and lick his prick at length, before returning to your place.

If in public your Master places a hand on any part of your slave's body (to weight and evaluate a boob, verify the consistence of a buttock, the humidity of your vagina or the lubricating of your anus for instance), you immediately position both your hands either of your thighs or on your buttocks to give him free access.

general rules: always

rules in private

rules in public

Swimming suits worn by the above pictured slaves represent the standard size of a slave's bikini suit. The slave, complying with the never-to-do rules, keeps at all times wide open legs, even in public, unless a counter order forces her to bring them back together, but WITHOUT ever closing them completely.

Beaches and public swimming pools are places where slaves take pleasure of being humiliated, as the surroundings, the sun and the heat are favorable to public humiliations. With this knowledge, your Master will make sure that you often get humiliated in public.

It is strictly prohibited for a slave to look at any third party, or stare at any eventual men's pricks that could be exposed naked, in an erected position or at rest (guests in private, or on a nudist beach for instance) or even show any interest in any men's prick behind a bathing suit. slave's eyes should only be used to stare at their Master and in particular on their prick in order to detect as soon as it happens any quiver that might request your immediate assistance, either to suck him, masturbate him, or helping him penetrate or sodomize a girl friend or another slave.

At no time a slave can be permitted to go or to find herself on her own on a public beach or public swimming pool. If her Master leaves his place, even to go to the toilets, the slave follows him and waits behind the door, standing on the tip of her toes, her back turned towards the crowd. Her Master may also order her to join him for assistance.

Should you feel an irresistible need of being further humiliated, you execute in a visible manner one of the never-to-do posture (such as closing your legs for instance) and you will definitely attract a public humiliation from your Master that in this context can take different forms, such as forcing you to circulate in an all four position up to the bar, adopt the posture bend

Should ever a pretty female alone stares at you with insistence, visibly trying to establish a physical contact, you ought to immediately inform your Master who will then decide if and how to pursue before transmitting you his orders to eventually contact her and bring her to him, or forces you to try to flirt with her in public, licking discreetly her pussy for instance.

while lowering your bikini, revealing to the public whatever was left hidden from your buttocks, order you to masturbate, to insert a plug in your anus, he might spit in your wide open mouth, make you suck his fingers or remove and reinstate the rings infibulated on your vagina lips, give you a public spanking, etc...


Once an hour at least, and by all means every single time you swim and get out of the water, you will wash your inner thighs with cold water, using a hose if necessary, in order to get rid of the sand, the chlore or from any smell that might disturb your Master should he suddenly feels like using you.




Tout manquement ou erreur est une faute grave qu'il faudra confesser et recevoir le châtiment approprié.

Any mistake will be considered as a faute you will have to confess and receive the appropriate châtiment.


NOTICE: I may change, adapt, modify, cancel, add, any or all of any rule at any time. Any modification will apply immediately and retroactively. - Je Me réserve le droit de changer, modifier, annuler, ajouter, tout ou partie de n'importe quelle règle à n'importe quel moment. Toute modification s'applique immédiatement et à rétroactivement.

Femelle à moins d'être d'une d'une étoffe remarquable, reconnue comme une femelle de première classe, ne fait pas acte de candidature.

L'abondance des femelles (une moyenne de trente par mois!!!) désireuses de tenter l'aventure de la soumission fait qu'il m'est devenu impossible de vous assujettir toutes, et qu'il me faut faire d'abord un tri puis un choix souvent difficile tant vous vous êtes montrées prêtes à vous offrir et à servir.

Femelle de qualité supérieure uniquement: fais acte de candidature ICI

Merci à toutes les autres, et bonne chance dans votre recherche du Maitre qui saura vous asservir

Female unless you consider yourself, and you are made to believe that you are of a superior quality, do not apply.

I can hardly summon to submit an average of some 30 applicants (per month, each month !!!) tempted by the  adventure of the submission. I admit that some of you deserved to be selected, tamed and mastered but the sorting first than the choice is difficult specially that most of the applicants are anxious to please and serve.

Firs-class female only:   apply HERE to submit yourself

Thank you to all the others, and good luck in your search of the perfect Master who will adopt you


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