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Breviary of the the slave's manners

part four

How to address your Master ?



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rules in private


rules in public


The terms I, me, mine, my, are totally and for ever banned from your vocabulary. you always and only speak about yourself, the slave, at the third person, qualifying yourself by your social statute, and using the term slave.

you can add your slave service number  (e.g. the slave laika, the slave 3401, etc...).

If a number of slaves are simultaneously around, it becomes compulsory for all of them to add their service number after the term . your name and first name are only and always written in small caps.

As in private, and whether in society or in presence of a third party, the terms I, me, mine, my, are also banned from your vocabulary and you always and only speak of yourself at the third person, by using whenever possible the term slave.

According to the context, and should the term slave not be appropriate, you will use the servant, the secretary, the subordinate, or the trainee. It is strictly prohibited to use, to qualify yourself, words such as companion, assistant, fiancée, or similar terms. you should never forget your subordinate statute of a slave serving a Master.


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At all times, the use of imperative verbs are strictly prohibited. you will say the slave begs (or the slave laika begs) and NOT the slave wants.

In exceptional cases I may allow the use of the of Your property begs instead of the slave begs.

If in some circumstances (namely during professional meetings), the term Master does not seem appropriate, you will replace it by Sir and you will qualify yourself as the subordinate, the servant or by assimilated idioms: "Sir, Your servant will serve the coffee...", "Sir, Your subordinate will carry on the duty..."


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According to the context, and also to vary, surprise and please your Master, you would take the initiative to make use of other terms to qualify yourself, such as: the parasitic, the sub, the instrument, the insignificant, the servant, the useless, the beast, the cattle, the bitch, the dog, the cow, the mare,  the animal, the toy, the object, the thing, the device, the plugged, the godded, the nothing-at-all. These are qualifications you may use to qualify yourself in private. Just follow your instinct and take your chance.

you will refrain from qualifying yourself as cat, sucker, prostitute, receptacle, container, vagina, urinal, dirt, ignorant, donkey, sexy, pin-up, sex or fucking machine.

In public, (out of family or friendly reunions), but including professional meetings, you will always end your sentences by Thank You Master  or Thank You Sir, according to the context of the situation.

Apart from Sir, (outside professional circumstances), to speak about your Master to a third party, you will always use the dignity of Master.

If ever you are asked why you call Me Master, you will answer "because the [secretary, subordinate, servant, trainee, etc...] considers that he is her Master in all things". No other explanation or development is to take place, nor maintain a private conversation without having been authorized to do so.


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To address Me, you will use the dignity of Master (or Maitre if you express yourself in French), or the dignity of Seigneur. To talk, you must always beg the authorization first, by bark if needed and wait to receive permission to express yourself. This etiquette rule must be abided by even in urgent needs, except in cases of force majeur.

you will always be very humble and respectful when addressing your Master. you will start and end all your sentences by Thank You Master.

Whenever in society, or in a friendly or family gathering, and should the urge to speak becomes pressing (such as the need to go to the toilets), you will have to attract My attention using exclusively body language, meaning by either staring at Me with heavy insistence, or by a discreet gesture of the head, or preferably, while your hand is normally massaging My sex (under the table for instance), by exercising 2 or 3 rapid contractions at a speedier pace on My sex, and wait until I question you or grant you permission to speak.


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Whenever you serve, or after being sentenced to a punishment, or having been beaten, you will always thank your Master. (Thank You Master for the slap inflicted to the slave that deserves it, or Thank You Master for the spanking you gratified the slave, or thank You Master  for having condescended to be served by the slave).

Whenever you are humiliated in front of a third party, you have to seize the first opportunity to thank Me for having humiliated you in public. you will do so by taking delicately My hand with one of your hands, bending from the waist down making sure to have your boobs jumping out of your blouse, and kissing and licking the palm of My hand with a wet mouth.


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All the general rules of the etiquette imposed to a slave apply de facto to the private situations, namely,

the never-to-do rules,

the rule specifying that you should always sit lower than your Master,

the rule to have at least one of your hands massaging regularly, constantly and without interruption your Master's sex,

the prohibition of crossing your legs, closing your thigh, shutting your lips, hiding or trying to hide any part of your body, raise your voice, get angry, etc...

Obligated in public to seize every  opportunity to unveil your buttocks and exhibit them to your Master, you will have to confirm with a loud voice Thank You Master for having looked at the slave's buttocks. Should you be exhibiting your triangle or your boobs, you replace the word buttocks by the appropriate corresponding part exhibited.



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A private rule that I am signaling but of which you should have thought by yourself

Whenever you are serving your Master in private, you will always wait before retreating, that one of your Master's hand feels your body, and that as a thank you slave gesture, he either squeeze a nipple, or verify one of your holes (mouth, vagina, anus), or again that he kicks you away or give you a disdainful rejection hand signal.

A slave should interpret these Master's demonstrations as signs of affection and interest of the Master  who takes his time to humiliate his slave and remind her of her condition

While you are in a public environment, a number of different situations will arise. you will comply automatically to the particular etiquette related to each case:

a) cocktail, official event, reception (or dinner both of us alone, and should you express yourself

  • in a low voice: you abide by the strict rules in private, even if some indiscreet ears are listening. It would also mean that you are in need of a public humiliation.

  • in a loud voice: you comply to the rules in public, meaning that you are not in need of a public humiliation at that time.


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b) cocktail, official event, reception or dinner in company: you will abide to the by the etiquette of the  rules in public whether you express yourself in a low or high voice.

c) friendly gatherings or family reunions: you will only adopt, like a well run machinery, automatically and by yourself the rules in public unless having received the order to comply to the rules in private.

d) public transport (plane, boat, train, etc...): rules in private even though some indiscreet ears or eyes are hanging around.

e) in the following pages you will learn how to behave in other situations.


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